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early bird gets the pool...

How do we spend our day you ask?

Dora and CJ
Warming up for the day

6 - 10:00 am 
All my friends arrive and most of the time, we are out playing while everyone arrives.  Every once in a while one of my friends has to be put away until everyone arrives because they get too snarky early in the morning.  <woof> 
If the weather is nice, we run through tunnels and playhouses, jump in and out of the pool, play with the toys, games of chase sometimes start but when we make too much noise or go too fast, we have to stop so no one gets hurt.  But that's ok, we go on to find other things to do.  We can play in the large area covered with  small pea gravel or, we can play in one of the 9 separate grass areas if we don't dig a hole.  <G>  Some of the dogs just lie in the sun in the best spot they can find.  First come, first served.  <double woof>
If the weather is not so great, we play in the playroom or in the new outdoor dog solarium that is joined to the playroom.  The little dogs, senior dogs and puppies frequently play with their own kind or in the house, with the other dogs who don't want to play outdoors, or a dog stays in for various reasons like post-surgical, special needs and senior dogs.
Brief break in the dog playroom while house and special needs dogs are allowed out to relieve themselves and the humans refill the water buckets AGAIN that we managed to kick over. 

Tag... you're it...


12 - 2   Naptime.  Yippee!  We are ready and run to our favorite crates before they get claimed.  Some of the dogs want to go in the house but most of us, we choose the playroom with Jazz playing, temperature control, lights off and no one to bother us.  Some lucky dogs get lunch.

Back out to play and see if anything new happened while we were napping.  Great <G>, more fresh water in all the buckets to knock over.  Oh ... the pool is drained for the snow coming up but yipee!!! we can still jump in it so that's ok.  Hmmm, energy level is much slower now, wonder how long until we have dinner?  Hmmm, it also smells like someone tried to cover the smells we left this morning, better lift my leg around here somewhere.
4 - 4:30
Well, we are tired, hungry, vocal and ready to come in.  Time to go to a crate to rest, or inside to settle quietly, until Mom/Dad come to get us.  The vet said it is important to make sure we settle our stomachs for at least an hour before and after any meal to avoid tummy upset.  This means I can nap and then go home and eat right away.  <G>  And then nap some more.
Lucky us... sometimes, we play longer and have to wait an hour after getting home before eating.  Susan always lets my mom know to wait before feeding.
Dinner (if we are staying the night) is finally fed followed by a nap. 
Yeah, Night floods and sensor lights are turned on and we go out to play until 9pm.  Got some bugs I gotta catch.
Whew, ready for bed myself, thank goodness it is time.

Isis catching Z's at home after play


6440 Schultz Road, Lake View, NY 14085  (716) 627.9234 msgs    Fax 627.1330  

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