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Contact for form

New Clients?  If you haven't already talked to me, please contact me for the Health Certificate  and have your Vet comply with/fill out the Certificate in full and fax results to 627.1330.  All blanks must be filled in.  Mail or bring original to assessment appointment.  

There must be at least 4 days following canine cough vaccine before assessment can be scheduled .  Some exceptions to canine cough and other vaccine are considered.  Please contact to discuss further. 

Boarding and/or Daycare?   Send an Inquiry with proposed dates while also providing me with behavior and breed info about your dog(s)  including if your dog has behavior issues (i.e., true dog-dog aggression, unmanageable separation anxiety, or not a good candidate for dog pack, etc.).  Proposed dates provided should be acceptable.  

You will need to schedule a 1/2 day assessment by providing me with several date options and I will confirm with a response.  Make sure you meet the health requirement time-lines before setting the assessment date appointment.  All dogs must have a Vet execute the Health Certificate before assessment can be completed.

Existing Clients?  Make sure vaccinations are current and copies provided.  Every beginning of the new year - a new fecal sample requirements MUST be submitted to vet prior to boarding.  Email me with proposed dates and for form to give your vet.

All Clients:   Dog cannot attend with any potential communicable health issues without written vet release if no obvious cause is evident (eye discharge, diarrhea, coughing, runny nose, etc.)

6440 Schultz Rd, Hamburg Township, NY 14085 

(716) 627-9234 msgs    Fax 627-1330


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