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Teddy's Touch Information

Philanthropic non-profit 501(c)3 fund established to offer assistance to the  Community through several means including Teddy's Touch: Breathe.  Funds have already been donated in the past to Roswell Cancer Center for various means.


Teddy was a Shiloh Shepherd who lost his struggle with bone cancer at age 6.  In that time, he touched hundreds of lives as a therapy dog, agility dog, companion animal, behavior modification training assistant, and more. Start-up funds were donated in memory and honor of Susan Leitzan, DVM., whose profound influence, contributions and guidance helped give us the strength, courage, and direction needed to fight and stand tall for what we personally and professionally believe and to take full responsibility when we failed. Her principles and standards will continue to light our way.

Pet 02 masks

The Breathe project has raised enough funds to purchase 20 sets of pet 02 masks and will continue to raise funds to purchase pet emergency oxygen masks for all fire departments in Erie County.  A Pawsitive Experience will work together to match every dollar donated.


Many thanks to all, especially the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, for allowing fruition of this gift to the Community pets that will keep on giving and for managing Teddy's Touch 501(c)3 and their belief in its value and support since inception.   http://www.cfgb.org/


Thank you to HEART for acting as the go-between to accept the funds from Teddy's Touch to purchase the 02 masks in support of our community pets.  HEART  HEART (Hamburg Eden Animal Rescue Team) agreed to serve as receivor of funds from CFGB on behalf of Teddy's Touch under 501(c)3 regulations, as a 501(c) also, to purchase the Teddy's Touch Breathe pet 02 masks.  501(c)3 non-profits can only send funds to another verified 501(c)3 organization.

The TTBreathe project was conceived nearly five years ago and has been a long time finalizing while dedicating funds towards the project.  The TTBreathe project will continue raise funds to purchase pet emergency oxygen masks for all fire departments in Erie County.  


Before the end of 2010, Teddy's Touch, with the help of clients, friends and peers, will have purchased and distributed 20 pet 02 masks to fire departments.  Distribution will start in Lakeview/Hamburg and Derby/Eden and radiate out from there.


ULTIMATE GOAL - get a Pet 02 set-up in every fire station in Erie and then Niagara County fire-houses.  There are more than 80 in Erie County alone.


Research is currently being undertaken regarding opening up a small bank account strictly for direct donations to collect funds.  New 501(c)3 rules require all minimum donations to the CFGB be at least $1000.  To keep the Breathe project moving forward and keep on giving, funds will be collected in smaller amounts before donating the minimum $1000 to the CFBG towards more pet 02 masks.


To contribute to the fund, please send a check made payable to Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo, noting "Teddy's Touch 02" in the memo, to A Pawsitive Experience (or) to HEART as another receiver for Pet02 Teddy's Touch funds. 


Each kit includes

3 different masks - 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large
3 Oxygen tubes - 1 for each individual mask (22 mm)
1 Carry Bag
1 CPR For Cats & Dogs Magnet
1 Laminated Instruction + ABCs For Cats & Dogs Diagram
1 Leash
1 "Pet Oxygen Masks On Board" decal for display at the station
1 "Pet Oxygen Masks On Board" decal per kit for display on emergency vehicles
1 Sponsor Certificate (showing the department's name & sponsor's name/Teddy's Touch)
1 PowerPoint Presentation to train department personnel

6440 Schultz Road, Lake View, NY 14085  (716) 627.9234 msgs    Fax 627.1330  

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