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Artemis Dog & Cat Food
All house pets at A Pawsitive Experience have been fed Artemis since 2003.  Feel free to drop by and see the results.
  • Natural DHA   (Enhances brain function and visual development)
  • Superior Grade Protein  (All of the proteins are selected from USDA inspected plants)
  • Fresh Protein Inclusion  (Chicken, Turkey- Enhanced nutrient profile and palatability)
  • Multi Protein Source  (Covers the complete amino acid profile)
  • Select Vegetables and Fruits  (Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, Apples, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Spinach and Cranberries)
  • Custom Vitamin & Mineral Package  (Superior Vitamins and Chelated Minerals)
  • Balanced Level of Omega 3 & 6  (Vitally important for healthy skin and lustrous coat)
  • Probiotic/Prebiotic  (Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring micro-oganism)
  • Skin & Coat Conditioners  (Chicken Fat, Salmon, Flaxseed, Salmon Oil, Vitamin E & Biotin)
  • Natural (Does not contain any added chemicals, preservatives, artificial additives  or by-products)
  • Artemis Guarantee (We guarantee your dog will thrive and be satisfied or 100% money back)
http://www.dogfoodscoop.com is an excellent link and provides specific guidelines and recommendations.  Artemis gets top rating here year after year.

http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/07_22/b4036075.htm - Selling Pet Owners Peace Of Mind.  The tainted pet food recall has given Artemis and other small companies a sudden boost...

Support your local distributor and retail businesses and save MONEY.  Buy Artemis from the indicated Retailers only and get 13th bag free of like kibble.  This is an EXCLUSIVE to the indicated Artemis retailers only. 
Interested in retailing Artemis?  Contact A Pawsitive Experience, your local distributor since 2003.  If you didn't purchase it from these local specific stores or the distributor, you didn't purchase it from your local small businesses that are the exclusive buy 12/13th free retailers.  Be loyal to your community distributor and retailers and save money with equal loyalty in return.
  • A Pawsitive Experience (Artemis Distributor since 2003) (Artemis Retailer w/Exclusive offer - buy 12 of same kibble type, get 13th free)
  • The Animal Kingdom  (Artemis Retailer/Exclusive - buy 12/13th free)
  • Treats Unleashed (Artemis Retailer/Exclusive - buy 12/13th free)

6440 Schultz Rd, Hamburg Township, NY 14085 

(716) 627.9234 msgs    Fax 627.1330  


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