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My dog drinks excessive water when it gets home.  We have at least six sterilized stainless steel buckets at all times with fresh water accessible to all dogs.  They play, drink and urinate frequently.  It is common behavior in the daycare industry for dogs to go home and drink excessively for no obvious explanation.  Many summize it is due to the constant play with an open mouth that dries them out.  Some think it is the constant free access to urinate so they need more fluids.  Regardless, it is not abnormal behavior.  Puppies expecially go through a period where they are fascinated with water and do everything from over-drink to try to swim in the buckets. 
If you notice strong odor or extreme dillution, please contact your Vet.  Some dry kibbles can also increase thirst.
My dog sleeps for hours or even a full day after it gets home.  Frequently, dogs play so hard they sleep for a couple extra hours to a full day or more.  That appears to be normal behavior according to the Pet Care Service Association.  Frequently if they attend regularly, the dog builds up a tolerance and gets in shape to tolerate the longer play periods.
My dog is hyper after daycare.  Some dogs, like kids on sugar, get temporarily more hyper after a day of play or stay.  We give nap times to balance out the over-stimulation.  It is important to maintain structured predictable play times at home and away to help a dog obtain a predictable and balanced amount of exercise and rest.  Sometimes, there is not enough play or TOO much.  Questions after a day of play and resulting behavior?  Feel free to call and ask

6440 Schultz Rd, Hamburg Township, NY 14085 

(716) 627-9234 msgs    Fax 627-1330


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