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(Puppy Adaptation to World Stimuli) aka Pawsitive Puppy tm for 18+ years
(Age 8 weeks to 16 weeks) photos
(Our extremely successful UNIQUE and FIRST OF ITS KIND 20 years ago, and popular choice!)
Four week training-social program for pups; 8-14 weeks (P.A.W.S.T. for older pups) by an experienced behavior consultant occurring in a home-daycare setting providing exposure to basic obedience commands, crate training, bite inhibition, social skills, novel situations and acceptance of handling and grooming.
The concept is that puppies can receive targeted real-life experiences that are difficult for working owners to provide during the critical imprinting period.  While you are at work, we are your eyes, ears and voices as if they were home with you.   We provide individual attention and alert owners to potential problems that they may not see during the puppy's early stages.
During the day, training is facilitated while the puppies receive exposure to a variety of novel experiences the average companion dog should experience: vacuums, dishwashers, stairs, cats, strangers, kids, different surfaces, animal interactions, car trips to new places and more.
Providing the sessions in our home daycare environment allows the opportunity for puppies exposure to real life situations who would otherwise be sitting home alone, or often at a daycare, lacking skilled employees in early imprinting.
$500 program includes boarding and all pet services during the four weeks.
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