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Susan M. Ferry

Dog Experience

•   30+ years part-time training dogs

•   12 years full-time owner-operator of dog daycare, boarding, training, socialization facility (A Pawsitive Experience - www.Pawsitive.biz)

•   Specialty: interpret & teach canine body language to elicit compliance based on life rewards.

Speciality Programs

•   P.A.W.S. tm (Puppy Adaptation to World Stimuli) (Exclusive unique in-facility puppy imprinting and coping skills introduction program with classes)

•   White Paws tm (seasonal class offering socialized dogs opportunity to deal with real life situations)

•   Dogs and Storks (licensed trainer)

Memberships - Associations

•   APDT (Assoc. Pet Dog Trainers)

•   BEN (Behavior Education Network)

•   Dogs & Storks www.dogsandstorks.com

•   Therapy Dogs Intl. & AKC Canine Good Citizens www.therapydogs.com  

•   Dog Scouts of America www.dogscouts.com

•   Truly Dog Friendly www.trulydogfriendly.com

•   Doggone Safe (www.doggonesafe.com)

Media & Projects

•   Edit-assist writing chapter on dog group play in the Daycare Industry handbook, All About Dog Daycare... a Blueprint to Success - Robin Bennett

•   Assisted in establishing Standards for National Voluntary Certification of Dog Daycares (ABKA)

•   Animal Alley (@ Hamburg Burgerfest - 2002 to present - Sponsor & Organizer, dedicated to honoring Rescue Organizations for their efforts)

•   Therapy Dog Volunteer

•   Teddy`s Touch 501(c)3 (Non-profit dedicated to different projects. 2010-2011 project - pet 02 masks in WNY fire stations) www.Pawsitive.biz

•   Buffalo Dog Training writer @ www.BuffaloExaminer.com (In process)


•   Red Cross Pet First Aid

•   Gentle Leader: Fit and Application (certified by co-inventor, Dr. R.K. Anderson @ Guelph College)

•   Reiki I (2000)

•  TellingtonTouch (1997)

 Educational Workshops* (Partial List )

•   Dr. Sophia Yin (2-day Seminar re Behavior and Handlling) Mar. 2011

•   Dr. Jean Dodd (3-day Seminar re Thyroid Health, Diet and Behavior Fallouts)

•   Turid Rugaas (3-day Semi-Private Seminar re Canine Body Language)

•   Brenda Aloff (2-day Seminar re Canine Body Language & Aggression Signals)*

•   Canine Behavioral Problems* (3-day Seminar, Guelph Vet College, PABA)

•   Understanding & Training Your Dog* (3-day Seminar, Guelph Vet College, PABA)

•   Canine Play & Aggression: Jean Donaldson* (2-day Seminar)

•   Canine Aggression Seminar* (3-day Seminar, Guelph Vet College, PABA)

•   Advanced Canine Learning* (3-day Seminar, Guelph Vet College, PABA)

•   Gentle Leader: Fit and Application* (3-day Seminar @ Guelph by co-inventor Dr. R.K.Anderson)

•   Canine & Feline Behavior Resolution* (2-day Seminar, Cornell University)

•   Agility & Canine Learning* (Susan Garrett Seminar, Guelph Vet College)

•   Medaille Mini-Vet College* (Annual)

Continuing Education (Web - Partial List)

•   Canine-Genetics Group

•   BEN (Behavior Education Network)

•   Behavior Analysis Forum

•   Animal Behavior Associates (Estep-Hetts)

•   Canine Aggression

•   K9 Separation Anxiety

•   Dog Nutrition

•   Good Dog Training

•   Dog Star Daily (Dunbar)

 Dog Breeds Owned and/or Fostered**

•   Australian Sheps.

•   American Eskimo

•   Bassett Hounds

•   Beagles

•   Bichon Frise

•   Bernese Mtn. Dogs

•   Border Collies

•   Borzoi

•   Bully Breeds

•   Collies (owner/rescue)

•   Coonhounds

•   Corgies

•   Dachshund

•   Finnish Spitz

•   German Shep.






•   Golden Retrievers

•   Great Danes

•   Havanese

•   Irish Wolfhounds

•   Kangal Dog

•   Labs

•   Mixes

•   Newfoundlands

•   Scherpeke

•   Shelties

•   Shiloh Shepherds

•   St. Bernards

•   Terriers (JRT, Westies, Scotties, Wheatons, etc)

•   Yorkies

* CLE Certificate

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6440 Schultz Rd, Hamburg Township, NY 14085 

(716) 627-9234 msgs    Fax 627-1330


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